Wednesday, 11 July 2007

How Food Companies Fool You

From one of my favorite authors, Mike Adams, comes this article on how food companies fool us with deceptive practices which are completely acceptable for the food industry, but downright wrong for us.

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One of the most common tricks is to distribute sugars among many ingredients so that sugars don't appear in the top three.

Another trick is to pad the list with miniscule amounts of great-sounding ingredients.

A third trick involves hiding dangerous ingredients behind innocent-sounding names that fool consumers into thinking they're safe.

Aside from those I quoted above, there a LOT more tricks food companies use to fool us. Actually even I have been fooled. I though all food that is brown is good (brown sugar, brown rice, etc), but apparently, food manufacturers have found a way to yet again use this belief to sell more of their unhealthy products. This article really made me a smarter buyer.

I recommend that we pass around this article for the benefit of everyone we know.


*Goddess* said...

I'm enjoying your blog. I think a lot of people have been fooled by the brown sugar b.s. I notice that it's in a LOT of "low sugar" or "no sugar" recipes.

Jazon said...

I am glad you appreciate my blog. ^_^

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