Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Omega-3 News!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the latest compilation of Omega-3 News.

Krill beats fish omega-3s in battling metabolic dysfunctions

Omega-3s sourced from krill are more effective than fish oil in combating some metabolic symptoms including raised fat levels in the heart and liver and violent mood swings in obese individuals, according to Italian researchers.

Pharmanex MarineOmega™

Omega-3 Supplement With Krill Oil*

MarineOmega is a dietary supplement that provides essential omega-3 fatty acids and krill oil rich in EPA and DHA for optimal health and wellness, including normal heart function, brain function, immune health, and joint health.

What Makes This Product Unique?

  • First omega-3 with krill oil supplement blend on the market
  • Delivers EPA and DHA from two sources: ultra pure fish oil and krill oil
  • Contains unique krill oil that provides multiple benefits:
  • Provides highly bioactive EPA and DHA in a unique phospholipid form targeted for use in the brain and cell membranes throughout the body*
  • Contains the powerful antioxidant carotenoid astaxanthin
  • Contains a unique flavonoid—the first flavonoid extracted from non-plant or algae source
  • High in phospholipids important for forming and protecting nerve membranes*
  • Ultra-pure source of fresh fish oil tested free of toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals
  • Includes vanilla infused soft gels and natural lemon oil for a pleasant aroma and minimal fishy flavor

Omega-3 deficiency causes 96,000 US deaths per year, say researchers

Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than excess trans fat intake, according to a new study.

The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and used a mathematical model to determine how many fatalities could have been prevented if better practices had been observed.

Omega-3 may boost heart health for diabetics

Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce levels of compound in the blood of diabetics linked to heart disease, says a new study from Iran.

According to findings published in the peer-reviewed Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases daily omega-3 supplements cut levels of homocysteine by 22 per cent, compared to less than 1 per cent in the placebo group.

“We found that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (3 g/day) for 2 months decreases the production of homocysteine in diabetic patients, which can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” wrote the researchers from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Pharmanex Optimum Omega
EPA & DHA Fish Oils

Supports Cardio, Immune, and Joint Health*

Optimum Omega is a dietary supplement providing ultra-pure fish omega-3 fatty acids. Used daily as part of an essential nutritional supplement program, Optimum Omega provides important omega-3 macronutrients for optimal health and wellness.

Primary Benefits

  • Promotes cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes a healthy immune response*
  • Supports joint function and mobility*
  • Provides natural vitamin E, a potent antioxidant

What Makes This Product Unique?

  • Ultra-pure source of fresh fish oil tested free of toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from a marine source is more desirable than from a plant source for two reasons. One, most plant and vegetable oils offer only limited amounts of omega-3 fatty acids (less than 1%). And two, even the best plant sources, such as flaxseed oil, do not offer EPA and DHA, the specific omega-3s with the most notable health benefits.

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