Sunday, 17 June 2007

Additional PR for McDonald's?

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In a bid to convince health-conscious moms that its food is nutritious, McDonald's says it will bring the group of mothers fully inside the company. The moms will visit restaurants, processing plants, orchards and test kitchens.
Apparently, McDonald's is bent on changing its image to appeal to the health-conscious. It recruits 6 moms for inside access to its facilities -- processing plants, restaurants, orchards and test kitchens -- and then they tell what they think in a journal.

Personally, I wonder why they couldn't have brought in 6 respected doctors or nutritionists instead for a more professional look. Then again, this is exactly what they probably would wish to avoid.

I rarely eat at McDonald's nowadays. Before, I was a voracious muncher of its french fries and quarter pounders. That is, until I found out of my health condition (mitral valve prolapse) and I developed gouty arthritis at an early age of 22 years (gouty arthritis usually appears in men in their 40's). I only eat there only when I have no other choice. And I avoid their burgers at all costs.

I wonder how can those moms provide objective evaluation.

To quote a participating mom:

"It's better than eating nothing — and at least it has some protein."

Maybe that's all there is in McDonald's food: some nutrients. The sad thing is, because of its lack of vital nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) and abundance in calories and trans-fat, it may be causing more harm than good.

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