Thursday, 14 June 2007

No, thanks, doc.

In the Philippines, doctors are regarded highly in society. They are considered unbiased, intelligent and smart. However, this may not be the reality of it.

A while ago I gave my friend a call and told me that her mother was admitted to the hospital for diabetes and was released after a few days. She was asking me what her mother should eat, which I found puzzling since I assume that they were given dietary advice by their doctor. Apparently not. Worse, their doctor told them that the mother can eat anything she wants.

This is completely irresponsible on the doctor's part. The doctor should have given some dietary advice on what she can and she cannot eat so that her blood sugar won't spike up again. Or perhaps the doctor wants the mom to be admitted to the hospital again?

I have recommended a doctor who is a fried of mine who is a also nutritionist. This doctor, Dr Romulo De Villa, is an expert in his field. I hope they can schedule an appointment so that my friend's mom can have a excellent advice.

Now that I thought about it, another friend of mine had colon cancer and when he asked his doctor what he should eat, the doctor -- unbelievably -- suggested that he could eat anything.

Both diseases (cancer and diabetes) are most likely caused by bad diets. If the doctor cannot recommend a good diet, then the disease may be aggravated. I don't blame the doctors themselves: most of them got rudimentary training in nutrition, nothing more. Med school should teach students nutrition and diet also, not just to rely on medication.

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