Wednesday, 20 June 2007

CRN gives details on PR campaign aimed at consumers

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The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced further details of a comprehensive public relations campaign geared at presenting the mainstream side of supplementation it says shows its face less often than the controversial side.

The trade association has been giving hints on the upcoming project since 2006, but this announcement represents the first concrete indication a multi-year project is in fact taking place. Dubbed "Life…supplemented", the campaign has the support of 25 dietary supplement companies and will involve online projects as well as advertising aimed directly at consumers.

"We also think that it's going to bring back pride to the industry, because it focuses on the more than 150 million Americans already taking supplements," said Blatman.

CRN wants to encourage a perception that taking dietary supplements is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, in much the same way as it is widely accepted that exercise and a well-balanced diet are pillars of such a lifestyle.

"We want to promote the understanding that supplements are one of the smart lifestyle choices you can make," said Blatman.
It's about time a group takes a step in promoting supplementation. I think the industry has suffered enough blows from not-so-well-meaning opponents, most notably big drug companies. True, the supplementation industry has its own cases of black spots, but overall, the industry has withstood constant barrage. Now it is its chance to clean up its blemishes.

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